The pummelo, native to Southeast Asia, is similar in appearance to the grapefruit except it is larger and it has a thick, spongy skin. The color of the skin is usually bright green or yellow, although some varieties turn from green to a muted yellow as the fruit matures on the tree. The shape varys from round to slightly pear shaped. The flesh color of the pummelo is either a reddish pink or yellow depending on the variety. Known as the Chinese grapefruit, it is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Inside the pummelo is sweet and firm citrus-like flesh, surrounded by a thick skin. Popular in China for thousands of years, the pummelo can be enjoyed like a grapefruit; e.g. peeled and broken into sections. Choose fruit that is blemish-free and richly colored. It should be fragrant and heavy for its size. Store at room temperature up to one week or two weeks in the refrigerator.