Radicchio Variegato di Castelfranco IGP is a member of the chicory family. The designation “IGP” refers to a European Union regulation that permits only products grown within a designated production zone to use the approved product name. “Castelfranco” grown in the area around Treviso, in the Region of Venice, Italy, is a high quality product that can only be properly produced in that area because of the unique climate and growing conditions. It is sometimes referred to as the “rose” of winter because of its form and unusual color. The head is shaped similarly to butter lettuce, but is not as compactly formed. “Castelfranco” is characterized by crimson, rose and red speckles that dot the yellow cream colored leaves. The taste is mildly bitter. Serve “Castelfranco” raw in salads or garnish dishes with its unique leaves. High quality “Castelfranco” from Italy is a winter vegetable, available from late November into March.