Rosemary has quite a past. Used regularly by the ancients in weddings and funerals, its symbolism is well documented in literature. Sir Thomas Moore, who let rosemary flourish all over his garden walls, noted that “it is the herb sacred to remembrance, and therefore, to friendship.” The Spaniards revere it as one of the bushes that gave shelter to the Virgin Mary in the flight into Egypt and the Italians consider it a safeguard from witches and other evil influences. Rosemary is a highly aromatic member of the mint family that is often used in the preparation of herb stuffing and breads. Enjoy the sweet flavor of rosemary on grilled meats or vegetables and place a few sprigs in the oven when baking. Available year-round, choose fresh looking rosemary with good color and a clean, fresh scent. Avoid brown spots and use soon after purchasing. Store in the crisper section of your refrigerator and remember to wash leaves thoroughly before using.