There are three stages in which coconuts are harvested and used. The most common form of coconut is the mature, brown nut removed from the husk. This form contains a thick layer of white meat and a small amount of coconut water. The immature form is called Water coconut and is harvested used mainly for its juice rather than meat. A large water coconut can contain as much as a quart of juice. Look for a solid green fruit and avoid a brown shell , which can signal that the content may be too meaty. Coconut water provides a good source of calcium, dietary fiber and is very high in electrolytes. The white coconut is an unusual looking form covered with hairy white fibers. For easy opening, place in a 350 degree oven for 15 minutes. Cool briefly then strike along the crack with a hammer. Inside you’ll find soft, sweet, nutty flesh and a refreshing liquid, which is considered an emblem of fertility in some parts of the world. John Vena, Inc. currently sells white, water and dried coconuts.