Tomatillo means “little tomato,” but to tomatillo fans, that’s a bit of a misnomer. Although a member of the nightshade family and resembling a green tomato with a papery husk, it has a unique flavor all its own, combining zesty, sweet and spicy with a citric edge. Tomatillos are practically an essential ingredient in making authentic southwestern dishes. Chopped raw for salads, guacamole, or gazpacho, tomatillos breathe life into these dishes. Cooking tomatillos develops its flavor even more for mouth watering sauces and salsas. Low in calories, one cup contains about 95 calories and a fair amount of vitamins A and K. Store tomatillos in a paper-lined basket or dish and refrigerate. This fruit keeps exceptionally well. Freeze cooked tomatillos for longer storage.