You can’t always judge produce by its appearance. OK, so it’s not the most attractive piece of fruit you’ve ever seen, but Ugli® Fruit makes up for it in sweet, tangy, juicy taste. A native of Jamaica, Ugli® Fruit was first discovered in 1924. It is believed to be a tangerine-grapefruit hybrid, and closely related to the Seville orange as well. It ranges in size between that of a small orange and a giant grapefruit. The rather thick, yellow-green skin fits somewhat loosely over the large, juicy, yellow-orange sections. Usually available on a limited basis around the country from winter to spring, Ugli® Fruit can be eaten just like you would any citrus item. Cut in half and sectioned like a grapefruit, or peeled and eaten like a tangerine, it’s easy to enjoy. Choose fruit that gives slightly to pressure and is heavy for its size. This fruit is tree-ripened and ready to eat even if the skin is green. Store at room temperature and use within 5 days or refrigerate up to 3 weeks. It’s an excellent source of vitamin C. Now, that’s beautiful!