Tarocco Blood Oranges are considered the benchmark of Sicilian citrus fruit. The three varieties of blood oranges grown commercially in Sicily – Tarocco, Moro and Sanguinello – can be traced to the Mt. Etna volcanic region, where the fertile soil gives them their deep color, incomparable sweetness and unique flavor. The most popular of these, the Tarocco, is referred to as “half blood” because the flesh is not always as intensely pigmented as the Moro and Sanguinello varieties. With the highest vitamin C content of any orange variety grown in the world, the Tarocco orange is believed to play a role in diminishing the risk of heart disease and “bad” cholesterol buildup. Also packing 15% of the FDA’s recommendation of potassium and 28% of dietary fiber, what a bonus that the Tarocco is sweet, juicy, easy to peel and seedless.